Quality guaranteed

Best Material
Edelgrund’s experts scout the best raw materials of top grade to ensure high quality standards.   Our design creations are made with 100% hand picked wool, dyed with natural vegetable dyes and hand-spun yarn. Edelgrund takes it a step further by adding high quality linens, special hemp mixture and other natural materials to create special arrays of colors and feelings to the carpets.

Superior Craftsmanship
While using the very best material is essential, the excellent craftsmanship plays a major role in developing our unique creations.  The ancient and proven techniques of weaving and knotting guarantees the durability and quality of our carpets and kilims. 

Good working Environment Results in High Quality Production
Another important factor that comes into play other than high quality material and exceptional craftsmanship is a high standard working environment.   Edelgrund believes in the direct correlation of good working environment and high quality products.  With that said, we assure that our workplaces meet the highest possible work, social and environmental standards without usage of child labor in any shape or form.


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